Thursday, August 27, 2009


The hectic pace of daily life is something that we at the Rivah try hard to get away from. How better then to step into a home where serenity reigns? One reason this picture is so calming is because of the white palette used. Some might fear that focusing on white might limit their decorating possibilities; let Ann and I show you how to add a little or a lot of white to suit your personality. Join us for our next class, Color Me White, Friday, August 4th at 4pm at Brocante Home to learn how to add comfort and beauty to your home through the use of white. Please call me at 804-438-6404 for a reservation.

P.S. - Ann will be in Paris in October, so we will be talking about the October class topic Common Decorating Mistakes, in the August 4th class as well as on my blog.

Au Revoir! Rachel