Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ann Carpenter of ReArrangements loves the new ready made, take-home-with-you curtain panels at Brocante Home and thought a few tips on hanging them would be helpful.

"The general rule when hanging curtains is to mount the rod 4-6” above the window frame and allow the rod width to extend 3” beyond the window’s actual width.  As for the length, floor to ceiling drapes should just graze the floor.

While it’s good to know these rules, it turns out they don’t always apply. For example, if your room has low ceilings, I like to place the rod as high above the window frame as possible, just below the crown molding.  This way, you increase the scale of the window and make the ceiling appear higher.  Also, if your curtains are made of a thick fabric, you might consider placing the rod 8-12” beyond the window frame’s width. By doing this, the panel does not block part of your view.  And, if you want longer drapes that pool on the floor in luxurious folds, add 6-8” to the length.

A room without fabric on the windows is like a sofa without pillows.  With the addition of simple panels, you’ll be amazed how they soften hard edges and finish a room!"

If you need help transforming your space, please give Ann a call at 804-436-3169 or visit her at Brocante Home on Friday afternoons.

P.S. - We have sheer linen, lined linen with grommets, and jute striped panels in three lengths and several shades to choose from.

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