Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Design Class Sunday, August 5th - Chalk Paint™ & Color

Château Grey

Chalk Paint™ - Using Color Creatively 

At our next Design Class, we will explore the world of Annie Sloan's Colors! 

I'll take you through mixing colors to extend the color palette, using two or more colors together in surprising combinations and how Annie developed her colors.

Did you know that she made Château Grey based on the pigment terre verde meaning green earth? 

Old Master Painting

It's the color used as an underpainting in old master paintings for flesh - glazed over with red and pink. 

19th Century French Chair 

It was the color used on old furniture by mixing all the colors left!

And of course, it works beautifully with:

Country Grey


Scandinavian Pink

The Design Class is complimentary, but we do ask that you reserve by calling or emailing.

Au Revoir!


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