Sunday, January 27, 2013

Living Room...Take Three!

If you are anything like me, then you are constantly moving things around in your home. Oh, that's just me?? 
Well, if you remember, we changed up my Living Room to become my Dining Room last summer. Since then, I began to covet a certain pair of Aidan Gray chairs and so decided it was time to move my Dining Room back to it's original place and re-claim the Living Room. 

Take One...

Living Room as Dining Room  - take one

Here is the Living Room as we arranged it as the Dining Room. I loved the sheer chair covers and the glass table!

Take Two...

Living Room - take two

Note the Linen/Cotton lined curtain panels replaced the Sheer Linen panels from the previous room. These Aidan Gray chairs are upholstered in a fabulous chalk pinstripe linen, but for now, I have put off-white slip covers on them. The room's not quite finished.

Take Three...

New Living Room - take three

So, I put the Sheer panels back - I liked the taupe color in the room. I also added an antique pine table and steamed the chair covers!! Much better.

Living Room - take 3

I think I like it this way. It's now a great place to relax. Now, where is my glass of wine and my book?

Bonne Journée!


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