Thursday, May 2, 2013

Springtime in Provence!

It's time to update.... 

Welcome to Provence!

Although I loved the color Arles on the front door, it was time to update for Spring. I had a little bit of Provence left in the can from a few other projects.....

So, let's see how far it goes...

I first cleaned the door then painted with two coats of Provence, a beautiful blue used often on shutters and doors in the South of France.

I didn't wax it because Annie recommends not waxing outdoor furniture and just letting it age naturally. Chalk Paint® will harden over time and distress as it ages, so there is really no need to coat it with anything. And, the warmth of the sun may keep the wax from curing. You can paint over metal, terra cotta, cement and wood - just remember to leave to harden overnight before exposing to rain.

And how far did the Provence go? Well, I painted the door with two coats and still have just a little bit more....

To see my tutorial on Painting Outdoor Furniture with Chalk Paint®, click HERE.

Bonne Journée!


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