Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cure for the Summertime Blues

After purchasing new blue pillows for the shop this summer, I was inspired to paint several pieces of furniture using several Chalk Paint® colors that I had not used before, Louis Blue and Napoleonic Blue.

Louis Blue Chalk Paint

Napoleonic Blue

Louis Blue is a pretty pastel blue that looks very sophisticated when waxed with Soft Dark Wax, but I choose to paint my table in what Annie calls her Modern Finish (smooth coat with little distressing) and top it with Soft Clear Wax.

PaintTip: Mix Louis Blue with Old Violet and Old White 
to make lilac.
                 Mix Louis Blue with Duck Egg and Old White 
to make gray blues.

Napoleonic Blue is a rich and regal classical blue with a lot of depth of color particularly when it is waxed to bring out the sheen so it has a silky look to it. It's named after Napoleon because it is one of the powerful colors he liked to use in his apartments.

I also painted the Napoleonic Blue table in a Modern Finish, but topped it with Soft Dark Wax to bring out the complexity of the color.

PaintTip: For a stunning effect, paint Napoleonic Blue over Antibes Green and distress back.

To see more Summertime Blues, please visit the shop in Irvington!

Happy  Painting!   Rachel

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Gimme Shelter: 
It's been a long hot summer at the Northumberland Animal Shelter and wonderful cats, like "Lennon", are still waiting for a home. The shelter is located in Burgess Va and is open Wednesdays and Saturdays for adoptions. If you can't adopt, please CLICK HERE to make a donation. Their phone number is 804-580-6156. Merci!