Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chalk Paint® Workshop - Color Lab
Saturday, August 24: 11 am to 1 pm
Irvington, VA

Mixing and combining paint is easy if you know how color works. In addition to reviewing the fundamentals of painting, in this two hour class we will learn the basics of Annie's Color Wheel, how to make new colors and how to change the tone of her colors by making them paler, darker, warmer, or cooler. The possibilities are endless. You will be playing with all her colors on sample boards.

Chalk Paint® Class - Primer on Waxing, Distressing & Buffing

Tuesday, August 20
Richmond, VA

Think you learned all you need to know in the first class? To follow up on the basics, I will show you how to make a wax glaze, colored wax, distress with water & sandpaper and the art of using high grit sandpaper for a silky smooth finished patina.


Bonne  Journée!  Rachel

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Irvington, VA - Wednesday thru Saturday: 10 to 4
Richmond, VA - Tuesday thru Saturday: 10 to 6 

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