Sunday, September 27, 2009


As promised, here is Ann's "lesson". Amusez-vous!

Common Decorating Mistakes:
Ignoring the Focal Point
by Ann Carpenter

Last night while flipping through July’s issue of House Beautiful, I revisited an article where NYC designer Jonathan Rosen completed a one-day makeover of his client’s living room.

The client’s living room had a natural focal point with a gorgeous mantel, but she hadn’t made the most of it. Jonathan brought in a mirror, sconces and topiaries to dress up the mantel. He then flanked the fireplace with pairs of chairs, chests, lamps and artwork. All of a sudden, the fireplace wall became the showstopper of the room!

Now who wouldn’t love this? The before picture highlighted a decorating mistake that I often see in my work…ignoring the focal point.

Just remember, no matter what your personal style may be, every room needs a fixed point around which everything else will revolve. The area should be the most defined, striking, eye catching spot in the room. If you need help creating a focal point or are interested in a one-day makeover, please contact me at 804-436-3169 or

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