Thursday, October 1, 2009


Take a look at these wonderful pillows - the newest addition to The Brocante Collection. They take inspiration from a step back into the past with muted tones on linen that are reminiscent of a great vintage scarf found in a flea market.

The linen fabric feels great and is woven in a heavyweight basket weave pattern. The contrast of the textured fabric with the crisp, clean printing of the bold two color design makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

These pillows are limited editions of exclusive designs, hand silk-screened and hand sewn. Easy to mix and match. We have a great selection that I am certain will be perfect for your home.

P.S. - The next and final design class, Holiday Decorating, is Friday, November 6th at 4pm. It's not too early to make your reservation! Please call me at 804-438-6404.

Au Revoir!
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