Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chalk Paint™ Tutorial - Paint & Wax Brushes

I recently started using the Chalk Paint™ Brushes by Annie Sloan and I must say that they are amazing!

Chalk Paint™ Brush 

They come in three different sizes - small, medium and large. The large is terrific if you are painting large pieces such as dressers or credenzas; but for most jobs, the small and medium are a MUST. They are not inexpensive, but worth every penny if you plan to paint a lot. They will last you a lifetime.

Chalk Paint™ Brushes

First of all, they are natural boar bristle. Don't you use synthetic brushes with a water based paint? Well, we actually want the bristles to swell when dipped in the paint so that they will hold more paint and will glide on the surface leaving little or no brush marks. (You can add texture if you like by moving the brush around the surface.)

Clean up is simple. Just rinse in soap  - good old-fashioned lye soap works wonders - and water is all you need. You can even rinse them in hair conditioner for extra softness. (No need to condition them if you use the Gentle Lye Soap, available at the shop.)

Since buying the Chalk Paint™ brushes, they have quickly become my "go to" brush for every paint project.

 Traditional Paint Brushes

 But, if you aren't committed to them yet, we also sell excellent more traditional natural bristle brushes.

Ultimate Wax Brush

We also recommend use of the Ultimate Wax Brush for applying both Clear and Dark Wax. You can use a soft cloth, but will find that with the brush you will be able to get into every nook and cranny and won't be using as much wax. 

The brush just gets the job done faster and better. It is well worth the investment as you will use them forever. (You will need one brush each for the clear and dark wax.) Keep clean with a little no-odor mineral spirits or my favorite, Gentle Lye Soap, and they will last a lifetime.

Au Revoir!