Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Market Update

Frank and I just returned from the High Point Furniture Show and were we wowed!!

We found some great new vendors and were not disappointed with our standbys.

Our favorite new designer, hands down, was Amy Howard. We loved the way she has updated the "Belgium/French" look that we love at BHC!

We also loved the finishes by Bushin, a smaller manufacturer  in NC. Love, love, love the finishes on their pieces.

Another new favorite was French Heritage, bien sûr, who are taking French furniture to the limits!

If you love a little more modern look, then Design Legacy was our choice. Wow!

And, BoBo did not disappoint! They have a way with collections....

Can't wait to have some new items in the shop to show you. I'm also working hard at re-creating some finishes for my own pieces. 

To see more of the High Point Collections, CLICK HERE.

P.S. - New curtain designs and fabrics are coming for those who love our linen curtain panels. And, don't despair, we have some FABULOUS lamps coming soon!

Au Revoir!


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